Introducing Dandelion and Clover

I love to discover new businesses and Dandelion and Clover is one that not only I love but so do the kids!

Dandelion and Clover is a small UK business that specialises in mindfulness tool for children. They have created a range that includes journals for mindfulness, eye pillows for yoga and relaxation, affimation cards and so much more. All of these are available over on their website. They are a one stop shop for all the relaxation and mindfulness products that a family may need.

Elsa and Cleo have been using their journals for a little while now and I have found their experiences have been very different. Elsa goes off on her own and uses her journal like a diary. Cleo on the other hand uses her journal as a tool for me and her to do activities. Every child will do these things in their own way.

Items such a journal can be used as a destress and a relaxation technique. The activities in the book range from colouring to baking to art to writing. There are 90 journal pages to encourage communication, gratitude and kindness. There are so many reasons to buy one of these journals and we are finding that they are really helping the girls mental health, self esteem and just overall happiness.

The other item from Dandelion and Clover that we have been trying out is the eye pillows and after Elsa, Brody and Cleo have been using them. I have decided that I would also like one!

The eye pillows can be used for so many things such as relaxation, meditation, games and yoga. They come in so many different fabrics as well as slim and regular sizes and lavender scented and unscented.

The kids have the slim size lavender scented ones and they have been loving them. On more than one occassion, I have walked in to the living room and found them relaxing on the sofa with their eye pillows on. The pillows have removable covers so can also be washed.

All of these items are available on the Dandelion and Clover website. The journals are priced at £22 each and the pillows are priced at £11.99.

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