Joe’s Family Restaurant Hunstanton – What An Experience!

We visted Hunstanton a few weeks ago and it didn’t go to plan..

This is a local business appreciation post!!

The last few weeks have been really difficult for us. Cleo’s health has not been good. We went to Hunstanton today and her blood sugars had a huge drop. We have to act quickly as Cleo has seizures when she drops too low.

Joe’s Family Restaurant was where we were eating lunch and as soon as I made them aware of the situation, they were incredible. They got Cleo a drink, helped her with everything and were just all over amazing and helpful.
This makes such a difference to us when we take Cleo out and I can’t thank them enough.

You don’t realise the amount of places that won’t help you or that don’t understand what is going on so to find somewhere that makes you feel ok with your child being disabled is just amazing and not forgetting to mention that the food was incredible too!

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