For the Love of Oscar – Sarah Roberts Book Review

Being a Down Syndrome advocate is a huge part of my life and it has been a huge part of the journey of my blog. When Rory was born, we were thrown in at the deep end and over the last 4 years, we have grown so much as a family and been on this wild adventure that is learning all about a life that includes Down Syndrome. From the very beginning, we started to follow a blog called Don’t Be Sorry . Now Sarah, the wonderful mummy behind the blog, has released her own book and this is what I think! Continue reading “For the Love of Oscar – Sarah Roberts Book Review”

Eternity Rings: Meaning, History, and When to Give Them

(Collaborative post)

Over the course of most relationships, one party is likely to buy the other several significant items of jewellery (with just a few travelling in the other direction). The most significant of these, naturally, is the engagement ring. But another gift item might come later in life, perhaps on a significant anniversary. We’re talking, of course, about an eternity ring: a special kind of ring set with a continuous circle of gemstones, which symbolise the endless nature of love. Continue reading “Eternity Rings: Meaning, History, and When to Give Them”