Our Family Day Out At Pensthorpe Natural Park

We love discovering places to have new adventures as a family and even if we have visited somewhere previously, the next time we visit, our experience will probably be different. We have visited Pensthorpe Natural Park  near Fakenham before but this would be our first visit with both Elsa and Cleo.

So is Pensthorpe good for young children?

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A Little Dino Adventure at Roarr Dinosaur Adventure!

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure  near Lenwade is quickly becoming one of our favourite family attractions in Norfolk. We have reviewed Roarr! Dinosaur adventure in the past and you can read them here. This time, we only took Cleo as Elsa had Chickenpox so how was the Roarr! for a 2 year old? Continue reading “A Little Dino Adventure at Roarr Dinosaur Adventure!”

Tips for when your Child has Chicken Pox!

Chicken Pox.

Something I was absolutely dreading. I’ve heard so many stories about when children get Chicken Pox and I just knew that Elsa wouldn’t take it every well and I wasn’t wrong, she has struggled a lot with the spots and needing to take medication. I asked if anyone had any tips and I was inundated with brilliant tips for when your child has Chicken Pox so to help other parents, here they are all in one go to blog post about Chicken Pox! Continue reading “Tips for when your Child has Chicken Pox!”