Interview with a toddler 

Interview with a toddler 

I was tagged in a blog post by Tini from Trinimamabebe 

The post consisted of 9 questions that you have to ask your toddler then post their answers, so i asked Elsa and here is what she said: 

Whats the best thing about being a toddler?

Watch bbs (Cbeebies) all time 

What makes you laugh?

Tumble (as in Mr Tumble)

What do you love and why?

I don’t know 

What’s your favourite book? 


What’s your favourite food? 

Chicken nuggets 

What’s your favourite song? 

Beast (Beauty and the Beast soundtrack) 

What’s your favourite programme? 

Peppa (Peppa Pig) 

What’s your favourite toy?


What’s your favourite thing to do? 

I like singing Beast 
I now have to tag 3 other bloggers and pass this tag along, the bloggers I am tagging are: 

Natasha from Mummy and Mouse

Charlotte from Cups of Charlotte

Laura from Dot Makes 4


Looking for new blogs to follow!

Hi guys,
I am looking for new bloggers to follow, I want to get some inspiration and I don’t read that many blogs so I thought I would reach out to my lovely followers and fellow bloggers!
I would be interested in parent and beauty bloggers..please comment the blogs and their instagrams so I can follow on there too!
Thank you!

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Blogger’s Envy!

Blogger’s Envy!

I’ve done some research!!

I’ve looked at a lot of blogs lately. I thought it would be a good idea to find myself some new bloggers/Instabloggers to follow. I’ve found some great ones but I have also found myself having ‘blogger’s Envy’, the green eyed blogging monster which has emerged from the cave in which it lived! You know what I mean, those mummy blog (will just bloggers in general) who have 10 thousand + followers or who make money from writing blogs. I sat there after looking at these blogs and thought why can’t that be me?! What am I doing wrong?! (apart from only doing it for a month). Continue reading “Blogger’s Envy!”

So people say the first rule of blogging is to be honest…

So people say the first rule of blogging is to be honest…

If you google ‘how to be a successful blogger’ the chances are the first thing you will see is a blog that says just be yourself! Be honest! But how honest can you really be. We all know the old saying ‘honesty is the best policy’.  Don’t get me wrong I want my blog to be successful obviously! but I don’t want to be branded a complete arse, you read other blogs and they can come across as a bit too honest. Continue reading “So people say the first rule of blogging is to be honest…”