Looking for new blogs to follow!

Hi guys,
I am looking for new bloggers to follow, I want to get some inspiration and I don’t read that many blogs so I thought I would reach out to my lovely followers and fellow bloggers!
I would be interested in parent and beauty bloggers..please comment the blogs and their instagrams so I can follow on there too!
Thank you!

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Blogger’s Envy!

I’ve done some research!!

I’ve looked at a lot of blogs lately. I thought it would be a good idea to find myself some new bloggers/Instabloggers to follow. I’ve found some great ones but I have also found myself having ‘blogger’s Envy’, the green eyed blogging monster which has emerged from the cave in which it lived! You know what I mean, those mummy blog (will just bloggers in general) who have 10 thousand + followers or who make money from writing blogs. I sat there after looking at these blogs and thought why can’t that be me?! What am I doing wrong?! (apart from only doing it for a month). Continue reading “Blogger’s Envy!”

So people say the first rule of blogging is to be honest…

If you google ‘how to be a successful blogger’ the chances are the first thing you will see is a blog that says just be yourself! Be honest! But how honest can you really be. We all know the old saying ‘honesty is the best policy’.  Don’t get me wrong I want my blog to be successful obviously! but I don’t want to be branded a complete arse, you read other blogs and they can come across as a bit too honest. Continue reading “So people say the first rule of blogging is to be honest…”