Our World Down Syndrome Day

Whether you stayed at home and just thought about all their achievements or spent the day with them, wearing your odd socks and sporting something blue and yellow, World Down Syndrome Day was an amazing day to think about and spend time with the person in your life that happens to have Down Syndrome. Continue reading “Our World Down Syndrome Day”

Sunday Adventures – Wells & Walsingham light Railway Santa Express – 17th December 

2017 is the first year that Elsa has really understood Christmas so this year we decided to go on special day out. We choose Wells & Walsingham Light Railway in Wells-Next-The-Sea. It is only down the road for us so was perfect for a relaxing afternoon enjoying Christmas activities and visiting Santa.

When we arrived we boarded the Santa Express, a little train with carriages that fit no more than 10 people in each one. You are welcomed by Santa’s Elves and Elf N Safety. They show you what carriage to sit on and really get the children excited to see Santa. We then set off to Walsingham, but half way there you see that Santa has crashed his sleigh and gone back to Wells on his Traindeer! This means travelling back to Wells to catch up with Santa.

Once back in Wells we were taken to a very christmasy themed grotto where Santa is sitting in a traindeer waiting for the children to go and tell him what they would like. This was the first time Elsa visited Santa so we were praying it was going to go well. Thankfully it did and Elsa and Cleo were both handed presents, which Elsa was very happy about!

Out of the grotto there was carriages filled with Christmas activities such a colouring and decorating baubles. All in all, it was a brilliant afternoon and Elsa absolutely loved it!

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50 Halloween Costumes Ideas

Halloween is soon approaching so it is the best time to start getting that dreaded costume sorted out, here is 50 Halloween costume ideas. 

  1. Vampire
  2. Zombie 
  3. Ghost
  4. Frankenstein 
  5. Member of the Adams Family
  6. Mutant 
  7. Zombie bride 
  8. Demon 
  9. Devil 
  10. Unicorn 
  11. Clown 
  12. Creepy Doll 
  13. Joker 
  14. Ojuij board 
  15. Cat 
  16. Jigsaw from Saw
  17. Slenderman 
  18. Chucky Doll 
  19. Skeleton 
  20. Princess/prince
  21. Fairy 
  22. Dog 
  23. Mermaid
  24. Danny/Sandy from Grease
  25. Toy Story characters 
  26. Walking Dead characters 
  27. Grinch 
  28. Medusa 
  29. BeetleJuice
  30. Red Riding Hood 
  31. Where’s Wally 
  32. Grim Reaper 
  33. Mime
  34. Ompa Lumpa 
  35. Superhero 
  36. R2D2 
  37. Peppa Pig 
  38. Mary Poppins 
  39. The Flinstones 
  40. Elf/Pixie 
  41. Astronaut 
  42. Shrek 
  43. E.T
  44. Nurse/Doctor
  45. Top Gun 
  46. Thing 1/ Thing 2 
  47. Spider 
  48. Pumpkin 
  49. Robot
  50. Witch/Wizard