Strictly Briks – Lego compatible bricks review

Building brick type toys will always be a firm favourite for children. There are so many varieties on the market but some brands do come with a big price tag and when your children want a few sets, the price can soon mount up. That is where Strictly Briks comes in handy! Continue reading “Strictly Briks – Lego compatible bricks review”

Jane 3in1 Musical Potty Review

It’s almost time to potty train Cleo! She is starting to show signs of wanting to be potty trained. We were really lucky with Elsa and she was really easy and potty trained quickly. I have a feeling that with Cleo it might be bit trickier so we are getting everything ready for when she feels like she wants to be potty trained and come out of nappies. Over the last few weeks, we have been slowly introducing the Jane 3in1 Educational Musical Potty, Trainer and Step System so Cleo gets used to it.

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Snuggle Seat Review

We have been searching for a seat for Baby Fisher for the last few weeks but the main problem we have found is that we don’t use them all the time and some can be quite big so we needed to find one that would work with our space. Snuggle Seat offered to send us one of their award winning seats to test out. The best thing about the seat is that even though Baby Fisher isn’t here yet, Elsa and Cleo can also use it!

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Using the Skip Hop Greenwich Convertible backpack!

I feel as if we are becoming pros when it comes to testing out new changing bags. We have had so many over the years now, it means that we know exactly what we love and need when it comes to a conventual bag to use for both Elsa, Cleo and in the near future when Baby Fisher is here too! Over the last few weeks, we have been testing out the Skip Hop Greenwich Convertible backpack and here are our thoughts! Continue reading “Using the Skip Hop Greenwich Convertible backpack!”