Children’s Christmas Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. The time when you have no idea what to buy someone has a gift. This year, I have got a good list of products that would make brilliant Christmas gifts for children. There is something for every age group on this list and some things that adults might like to play with too! Continue reading “Children’s Christmas Gift Guide”

Herodrive Marvel Vehicle Range Review

We seem to be in a time where everyone loves superheroes and Elsa is definitely in this phase. Over the last few months, she has been more interested in superheroes than anything else. Marvel superheroes have been a firm favourite of hers so when she received a parcel* of Herodrive Superhero Marvels cars, she was very very excited!

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Starting school with the help of Kindi Kids!

*Contains a collaboration*

Nearly half of parents lose sleep over their child starting preschool, nursery or primary/infant school. It is a huge step in their lives and it comes round so quickly that us as parents are some what not prepared for it. The biggest worry is our children being not being ready to start school. Elsa is at that stage now and is about to start her big journey to school but with the help of Kindi Kids, it is just that little bit easier.

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