100 Years Of Disney!

It is unbelievable to think that Disney has been around for 100 years this year. For those 100, millions of families have been touched by the magic that Disney creates.

From a young age, I have memories from Disney. From my first visit to Disney World to watching my first Disney film in the cinema which was Bug’s Life. The year I was born was a big year for Disney too. It was the year of Toy Story and since then, there have been many incredible Disney films and the collection just keeps on growing.

The Disney 100 collection celebrates the past, present and future of Disney. There are 2 beautiful plush toy collections to go with the celebrations. The Disney 100 Sparkly Minnie and Mickey which features special sparkly outfits. They stand at 25cm tall and are priced at £14.99. A must for any Disney fan!

The second collection is the Disney 100 Platinum colour series. This collection contains some of the most loved characters including Grogu, Dumbo, Pooh, Simba and Stitch. All made with glittery sparkly fabric. These are priced at £12.99.

Disney just keeps growing and becomes more and more loved every year. It is a brand that is loved by many generations and is something that can be passed down through the years.

You can buy these from Selfridges now!

Disclaimer – We were gifted these in exchange for a blog post and social media posts

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