For the Love of Oscar – Sarah Roberts Book Review

Being a Down Syndrome advocate is a huge part of my life and it has been a huge part of the journey of my blog. When Rory was born, we were thrown in at the deep end and over the last 4 years, we have grown so much as a family and been on this wild adventure that is learning all about a life that includes Down Syndrome. From the very beginning, we started to follow a blog called Don’t Be Sorry . Now Sarah, the wonderful mummy behind the blog, has released her own book and this is what I think! Continue reading “For the Love of Oscar – Sarah Roberts Book Review”

Getting ready for a C-Section – Advice and Tips!

A lot of Mummies have C-sections and some are planned and some like my experience with Cleo, are an emergency. It is good to be prepared for however you will give birth and it helps make birth stress free which is always a bonus. Here is some advice and tips on getting ready for a C-section. Continue reading “Getting ready for a C-Section – Advice and Tips!”

Celebrating with the help of Bunch-O-Balloons

AD – Collaborative post

Over the weekend, we have been celebrating a family birthday and there is nothing that the kids love more than lots and lots of party balloons but all those balloons take a while to blow up. Thankfully we had help from Bunch-O-Balloons self sealing party balloons and it saved us time and our breath.

Continue reading “Celebrating with the help of Bunch-O-Balloons”