Vintage Louis Vuitton Alma PM Review

Another handbag review! This will be my second vintage designer bag, my first being a Vintage Gucci crossbody bag but there is a new bag in the collection! A Vintage 1997 Louis Vuitton Alma PM!

Louis Vuitton is a brand that I have always loved so when the opportunity came up to own one of the most classic styles, I had to go for it.

I purchased this bag from Luxury Treasures who are an online preloved luxury seller. They are based in Manchester but obviously I had my bag shipped to me and it was delivered fast and secure.

There are so many reason to buy preloved over buying new. One of the main reasons for me was price. An Alma PM currently retails for £1,160. My vintage Alma cost £250! That’s £910 off new retail price. The vintage Alma does have signs of wear and the light coloured vachetta cowhide leather has got patina. This is where the colour changes as the bag ages. Personally I really like the patina on LV bags and I think it looks better than the very light leather trim.

The vintage Alma was made in 1997 which makes it 23 years old! Considering it’s age, I think the bag is in amazing condition. There are a few water marks on the trim and the bottom of the bag and the zip is slightly discoloured but these are things that I expect from a bag that is over 2 decades old.

The canvas on the bag is perfect. There isn’t a single mark or sign of wear. I also have a LV purse and card holder which are only a year old and the monogram canvas on these is exactly the same as the vintage bag.

Having the Alma PM in my collection has somewhat completed my handbag collection (for now). It is a bag that I have always wanted and it is one that will stay in my collection.

Buying both my Gucci and my LV preloved has persuaded me to buy vintage bags in the future too. It is more sustainable and some bags that are not available are on the preloved market at a lower price. They may be older and have a few marks but it is worth it in my opinion.

If you are looking for a preloved bag then I would definitely recommend checking out Luxury Treasures!

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