Nuby Travel Booster Seat Review

So it suddenly dawned on me that over the past year, we have travelled a lot. The odd weekend away and a few family holidays means that we are getting used to packing for travel as a family. With Cleo still being too little to sit on a seat on her own and high chairs sometimes being hard to come by or seats just being to big for her, we needed to find something that would work for us. Then we came across the Nuby Travel Booster Seat.

After receiving the Nuby Travel Booster it was obvious to us that it would be so easy to use. With just a few clips it attaches safely to any adult sized chair. It is light and easy to pack away or to fit underneath a pushchair if you are out and about. It is suitable for children aged 6 months plus or when they can sit unaided up until they are around 3 years old.

When it comes to safety features, it attaches to a chair with 2 large clips. One that goes around the back of the chair and one that goes underneath. This means that it is sturdy on the chair and even if a child was to fidget while plugged in, it would still stay put. The booster also has a 3 point harness which can be adjusted according to your child’s size. The 3 point harness again means that they are completely safe in the booster seat.

Children can be messy while eating so the material that the seat is made from is also waterproof and can be wiped clean. The booster seat is completely versatile. It could be used for eating up a table, arts and crafts at home or just out and about if you visiting somewhere that highchairs are harder to come by or at a busy family attraction.

Cleo has been enjoying her booster seat for a couple of weeks now and she now gets so excited if she sees me getting her seat out which is a change because she was getting to the point where she didn’t like being strapped in at dinner time in her regular high chair. The booster seat means that she can sit with Elsa and be more included at the table and not just sitting close in her highchair.

The Nuby travel booster seat is so easy to use and we find it super lightweight and ideal for travel and home use.

You can purchase the Nuby Travel Booster Seat from the Nuby website.


*Disclaimer  – We were kindly sent the Nuby Travel Booster Seat in exchange for a review*

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