Exploring Locally – Snettisham Beach

I have a confession. This was our first visit to Snettisham Beach!

I have lived on the Norfolk coast my whole life and today was my first visit to Snettisham Beach. I think it is because we just got to same beaches over and over again. Mostly Burnham Overy Staithe, Scolt Head and Holkham.

Snettisham Beach is close to Hunstanton but there seems to be a lot less people there. It is a mix of sand and stone so that might be why. You can’t really make sand castles so that is one downside. The beach itself isn’t very wide as the tide comes in quite far too. There is a high bank that makes up the beach so even with the tide high, you can still visit.

When it comes to parking and amenities. There is a fish and chip shop and arcades close to the beach and you can park one at the bottom of the bank that leads to the beach so very close. Perfect if you have children and toys in tow!

Please remember to check tide times and be careful on the beach and near the sea itself!

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