Sleepyhead Grand – is it worth it?

If you haven’t seen a Sleepyhead before, it is a sleep pod for babies and toddlers. There are 2 different types of Sleepyhead, the deluxe+ and the grand. The brand is well-known and has been a must have baby product for years now. Cleo and I have been reviewing the Grand for the last month, it is a little touch of luxury for your little one.

Sleepyhead Grand Features;

The grand can be used from 9 months to 36 months and can be used a number of different ways. It can be used for transitioning to a bigger bed for your little one, it makes a bigger space a little less intimidating and makes an empty space snug. Other uses are daytime naps, changing, playtime and night-time sleeping as the sleepyhead is made from a tested breathable material. Due to the Sleepyhead being soft and snug, it creates the feeling of a warm hug which can encourage longer sleeping. It allows your little one to feel like they have extra security when sleeping. There are accessories available for the Grand to make it as stylish as you want to. Extra covers, toy bars and toys are available to purchase separately. The Sleepyhead is easy to transport as it comes with a travel bag but you can buy a better quality travel bag if you do travel alot and will be taking the Sleepyhead with you.

The Sleepyhead Benefits;

  • Soft and snug
  • Comfortable for your little one
  • Promotes longer sleep
  • Tested breathable material
  • Portable
  • Perfect for transitioning
  • Looks high-end and stylish
  • Washable covers
  • Wide age range (9-36 months)
  • Safer tummy time
  • Safer Co sleeping

Cleo’s experience

Now to how Cleo has been with her Sleepyhead Grand. Cleo can be clingy and it can be a bit of a mission to get her down for a nap in the day. She seems to just like to be held but obviously there gets a time where I have to try to encourage her to nap without being held. I had tried so many different options but nothing seem to be working for us, but then the Sleepyhead came along. Cleo will easily fall asleep now and will stay asleep of a good amount of time aswell. The best thing about this is that I no longer have a grumpy baby in the day when she doesn’t have a decent sleep. For me, when I write for my blog I normally do this when Cleo and Elsa are both in bed but with Cleo being clingy it was becoming harder and harder for me to get a good amount of work done. Now Cleo will settle in her Sleepyhead it means that I can have my own time while Cleo is with daddy. We have even caught Elsa having a cheeky lie down because it is so comfy!

Sleepyhead products are available from John Lewis and other major stores. The Sleepyhead Grand is priced at £220.


*Disclaimer – we were kindly sent a Sleepyhead Grand in exchange for a honest review*

9 thoughts on “Sleepyhead Grand – is it worth it?

  1. This has given me a big old case of FOMO. I didn’t want to buy a Sleepyhead as they are so expensive, so I got a Purflo nest instead and it was great up until about 18 months. My son well outgrew it, but i was umming and ahing over getting a Sleepyhead Grand as it would be the only one that would actually fit him now… I decided against it (he still doesn’t sleep) and this is making me wonder if I should have got one…


  2. I really wish we’d have used a sleepyhead with Pickle when he was younger – he hated being put down and we ended up getting into some ‘bad’ sleeping habits with him. Although, I don’t regret any of the lovely sleepy snuggles we had… next time round, I’d definitely consider investing! I had no idea the Grand went up to 36 months! Great value for money.


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