Bouncing Back In Time With Moon Shoes!

Moon Shoes. I remember like them like it was yesterday. I wanted to have a pair so badly and when I finally got some, I was ‘over the moon’. (Pun intended.)

I was around Elsa’s age when I first saw Moon Shoes, probably in good old Toys R Us! I grew up on a little Estate in our village and the thought of bouncing around the estate green (a large round patch of grass) was the dream! Looking back now, I can’t believe that was the goal but here we are still talking about the marvel that is Moon Shoes.

The Moon Shoes themselves are oval shaped hard plastic with grip on the bottom. You then attach the foot plate which your foot gets strapped on to with very large and robust elastic bands.

The heavier you are the more band you have go use. You do get a good amount of bands in the box so all weights of children are covered.

Moon Shoes are mini trampolines for your feet. They make you feel like you are walking on the moon. As well as being hours of fun, they are also great for improving balance and co-ordination. They are harder to walk in that you think make great exercise.

Elsa played a game of how high she could jump after she finally got the hang of the Moon Shoes.

I would suggest being careful while wearing Moon Shoes too and we now put a helmet and padding on Elsa when she plays with them as she does have a tendency to fall over!

They are as fun as I remember though and seeing Elsa have fun with them is lovely as I have good memories with Moon Shoes too!

Moon Shoes are available from Argos and are priced at £30.

Disclaimer- we were kindly gifted this in exchange for a blog post

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