7 of my favourite Down Syndrome advocate influencers, Youtubers and bloggers!

We live in a time where if you need advice or help, you can simply look online. Google and social media can act as your agony aunt, there are so many influencers and bloggers now of all different niches which mean there will be someone that you can relate to and potential get advice from.

When it comes to Down Syndrome, a lot of families are ‘thrown’ in to it. There isn’t much time to research and for some they don’t know that their children has Down Syndrome until they are born. Textbook and even medical professionals can be outdated which is why more people are turning to people who live a life with someone with DS. There are such a huge amount of Down Syndrome advocate influencers and bloggers out there, both parents and siblings. I thought I would write my own list of the my favourite!

  • Isabella Signs Influencer/Youtuber – A fellow DS advocate sibling! Isabella is only 12 and is already such an inspiration. Like myself she has a younger brother and she creates videos on her social media and YouTube to help people learn Makaton. Follow on Instagram: @isabellasigns Facebook: Isabella Signs YouTube: Isabella Signs
  • Don’t Be Sorry – Influencer/Blogger – If you have someone in your life with Down Syndrome then the chances are you have heard of the blogger, Don’t be Sorry. Sarah writes about her life with 3 children one of which who happens to have Down Syndrome. She is so honest and shows what life is really like. Follow on Instagram: @dontbesorry2 Facebook: Don’t Be Sorry Blog: Don’t Be Sorry
  • Beyond the Waves – Influencer/Blogger – Another amazing sibling advocate! Julia likes in the US and writes and posts all about her twin Michael who has Down Syndrome. They recently filmed a video with the BBC and Julia has just launched her own range of jewellery which supports a Down Syndrome charity in the US. Follow on Instagram: @beyond_the_waves_blog Facebook: Beyond the Waves Blog: Beyond the Waves Blog
  • I am River – Influencer/Blogger – River and his family live Tanzania. His Mum writes her blog all about their journey with Down Syndrome. As well as being a great family to follow, they are also part of the #wouldntchangeathing campaign! Follow on Instagram: @iamriver_downsyndromeawareness Facebook: I am River Blog: I am River
  • OneLuckyMum – Influencer/Youtuber – Rory and his Mum Leigh share their journey with Down Syndrome on social media and on their YouTube channel. Rory is such a cutie and Leigh shares posts that are guaranteed to make you smile! Follow on Instagram: @oneluckymum_ Facebook: Oneluckymum YouTube: OneLuckyMum
  • Raising Harry – Influencer/Blogger – I have been friends with Kat on Facebook for a while now and I often read her blog. It is incredible to read blogs and they are so honest. Kat’s talks about experiences such as telling her family that Harry had Down Syndrome. Follow on Instagram: @harryraising Facebook: Raising Harry Blog: Raising Harry
  • Lucasmodelwithdownsyndrome – Influencer – Slightly different to all the other people on this list as this Instagram is actually showing the life of Lucas, a model who has Down Syndrome and he is actually Isabella Signs brother. Having an account showing all the amazing things that he does, allows people to realise that the stereotypes are all wrong! Go Lucas! Follow on Instagram: @lucasmodelwithdownsyndrome

That is my favourite picks list! I hope you can find some new people to follow out of this list as they are all so inspirational and I love following them too!


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