Big Fish Little Fish Events – Family Rave Review

We spent our Sunday doing something a little bit different. We went to a Big Fish Little Fish family rave! It is safe to say we haven’t done anything like this before but what did the kids think?

Big Fish Little Fish Events travel around the UK hosting family friendly raves. The one that we attended was at Epic Studios in Norwich which is more of a nightclub setting and it did remind me of going to a nightclub! The events are completely child friendly, there are craft activities and a little play area too with tents and tunnels. The Big Fish Little Fish team have everything covered when it comes to entertaining children. The music is loud but set at a good level for little ears. Big Fish Little Fish use a full DJ set and club lighting and lasers such like a regular rave/club would. The event last 2 hours which is the perfect amount of time for the kids and by the end of the 2 hours, Brody was fast asleep in my arms.

To keep things exciting, the team play well known dance music, have light shows, a snow machine, a bubble machine, throw hundreds of balloon in the crowd and even have a massive parachute which goes over everyone while they are raving. At Epic Studios there is snacks and a bar to buy drink which was needed as it got very hot as we were dancing so much!

The best thing about this event as no one cares, you are free to dance how you want and just be yourself. There felt like there was no judgement and everyone was just enjoying themselves. Elsa, Cleo and Brody really did enjoy themselves and have already asked to go to the next one ( it is in March 2022!) We would highly recommened going and it is worth following Big Fish Little Fish on social media so you can see where they are planning on going in the future!

Here is the link to their website.

Check out our reel of the event:


Pr Visit

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