6 Easy Ways To Use Zoflora

You may of heard of Zoflora, if you haven’t have you been loving under a rock?

It seems to be the latest craze and I will happily be the first one to admit I am slightly obsessed with using it in every room in my house. Zoflora comes in a huge variety of scents. You can buy it from your local supermarket and if you can find it on offer, you can buy it for as little as a pound.

Zoflora is known for its extensive list of ways to use it and it can be tricky to decide how it will best work in your home. But to make it easier for you I have asked fellow bloggers how they use theirs to help create this narrowed down list.

  • So many ways, my favourites are to soak cotton wool into it and pop it into my vacuum cylinder, every time I vac the house smells incredible. I leave the washing up bowl sitting with some over night, which again leaves an amazing smell to wake up to. In winter I like to rub my radiators down with it so that when they’re on, the heat activates the scent again. – Babies and Beauty
  • I put it in my spray floor mop so it scents the floor whilst disinfecting everything! – Lucie Loves It
  • I put it down the kitchen/bathroom sink and toilet. Wipe all my surfaces down with it and also put some on a kitchen towel and pop it on my radiators in the winter! It makes the house smell amazing! – Beauty Bump and Me
  • I pour a cap full of linen fresh in my washing machine before I set it going and it makes all the clothes smell glorious! – Mumconventional
  • Put some in the bottom of the bin leaves it smelling lovely – Anklebiters Adventures
  • In the toilet cistern just a few drops when you flush leaves a lovely smell – The Mamma Fairy

Comment below if you have any other uses for Zoflora, I would love to hear them!


6 thoughts on “6 Easy Ways To Use Zoflora

  1. I love Zoflora, I only discovered it last month (YouTubers made me do it) and it’s changed my life a little. There’s a few on this list that I’ve not tried yet, so I know what I’ll be doing during nap time…


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