My Experience With The Pandora Project – A Domestic Abuse Charity

Trigger Warning – This post will contain details of domestic abuse

Close this blog post if you need too.

I have spoken openly about the abuse that I experienced. It took a long time to be able to speak out about it and abuse is something that I knew for 24 years of my life. That is a lot of ‘stuff’ to go through when the abuse ends.

As a family living in Norfolk, we discovered Pandora Project. They are there to support vunerable women in Norfolk. Pandora Project is a team that give free, confidental advice and support to women and children in North and West Norfolk. The support they offer is non-judgemental and they are there for people of all ages from children to adults.

Myself, my Mum and my younger Sister all benefited from Pandora Project. Myself and my Sister had abuse from our father and then my Mum got support as the abuse was from her husband. Pandora Project are there for women and children that are experiencing any abuse. It could be from a parent or a partner.

I experienced physical and mental abuse from my father for 24 years so when I started talking to Pandora Project it was very hard.

I felt grief like I had lost my father but yet he was still alive. How do you grieve someone that is still alive?

They have gone from your life like they have passed away but you know they are still living a life without you and that was something that I really struggled with.

Pandora Project was a life saver. The people that work for them are angels and they do amazing work. Without them, I think I would still be struggling.

The work that this charity does is life saving. They support women and help them escape abusive relationships. They show women that there is life after abuse and that they can escape it.

I owe Pandora Project so much and I will shout about them from the roof tops and they did amazing things for my family and we will thank them forever.

You can find out more over on the Pandora Project website.

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