Our adventure in the trees – Bewilderwood review!

Imagine a place, an adventure playground set in a forest, not a plastic ball pit ball in sight. That is the best way to describe Bewilderwood.

A huge playground located on the Norfolk Broads, around a 20 minute drive from Norwich. Bewilderwood is based on the books written by Tom Blofield, these can be purchased on both the website and in the on site gift shop.

Jonny, Rosie, Elsa and I visited Bewilderwood on a bank holiday weekend and it was busy but because of the large-scale of the park it didn’t really matter too much. What the weather is like on the day you visit will impact your day a lot. If It does rain it will stop you from having a good day out. Luckily the day that we visited the weather was perfect, the sun was out and the rain kept away. When you arrive you are greeted by very friendly staff. You walk on to a flat wooden walk way so it is great if you do have to take your buggy. There are 2 ways of getting to the heart of Bewilderwood, either a short walk or by boat. The boats are very colourful and the driver which takes you to the main park tells you the magical back story of Bewilderwood. The boat ride itself if around 5-10 minutes long and the queue for the boat was reasonable, they did have 2 boats on and I imagine it can be quite a wait and it will be busy at times like in the summer holidays.

Bewilderwood opened at 10am the day we visited and we arrived just after 10 and left at around 4pm so we spent a good 6 hours there. For the majority of the day Elsa didn’t use her buggy, the only time being when she was tired or when we went on the boat ride as we walked then rode on the boat later on in the day. Elsa didn’t nap all day as we were non stop for the whole 6 hours. The benefit of not taking a buggy was that we didn’t have to worry about keeping it safe while we played. I had a backpack that held everything we needed for the day( but you can go back to your car throughout the day if you need to) I was impressed by the amount that Elsa and I could do, We honestly did think that with Elsa being only 2 years old and me being pregnant that we would be bored and have nothing to do but we were so wrong, we had so much fun!

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There is a wide variety of adventure play equipment such as slides, climbing frames, zip wires (for both older children and for toddlers), swings, mazes (both above ground and on the ground) and disabled play equipment.  Many adventures are above ground  and are surprisingly accessible for all ages.

There are lots more activities to do as well, Rosie had her face painted and both her and Elsa made crowns. They also have story telling on a stage at different times throughout the day. We watched one at 3 and Rosie dressed up, played musical instruments and danced around a maypole as part of the story.

In a nutshell

It is hard to describe the magic of Bewilderwood. The staff are enthusiastic about the adventures and stories of Bewlderwood which makes this place so special for  all ages. It is an amazing day out but you will need a lot of energy! Rosie has said it was the best day of her life!!

Bewilderwood website: http://www.bewilderwood.co.uk/


I was gifted tickets to Bewilderwood in exchange for review but all opinions are my own.

5 thoughts on “Our adventure in the trees – Bewilderwood review!

  1. Amelia loves Bewilderwood, we have been going for about 3 years now. And she shows no sign of becoming bored of the place. Glad you enjoyed your day.


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