Introducing Dry Like Me potty training pads!

A new way to potty train!

Introducing Dry Like Me pads – the smarter way to potty train!

So what are they?

Dry Like Me pads were invented by mums to help children understand when they need to go to the toilet. This helps with their confidence and helps them get in to pants and out of nappies sooner, thats is why they are the smarter way to potty train. The best thing about them? They turn any pants in to potty training pants.

Dry Like Me pads come in 3 varieties;

  1. Early days – extra absorption, to use in the beginning when greater protection is needed.
  2. Original – The first pads developed to make from the leap from nappies to pants easier for parents.
  3. Night time – The pads have an extra absorpant layer to help potty training continue at night.

The pads themselves are soft and they can capture both wee and poo. They can be used in the front and back of pants and you can double up and use both if you are just starting out. Dry Like Me pads are perfect for little accidents and are suitable for ages 1 – 7 years.

You get 18 pads in a standard box and they come with a free travel pouch for on the go. Dry Like Me products are available from their website. On their website you can sign up for their free potty training program and read tips and tricks to help you on your potty training journey.

We are about to start potty training Elsa using the Dry Like Me pads and online program so I will let you know and keep you updated on our journey!





Dry Like Me website:



We are working with Dry Like Me and they have sent me some products in exchange for blog posts

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