Putting the new MyHummy Mia to the test!

A while ago I received a very special email, MyHummy let me know that they were realising a brand new bear and new handy portable pouch.

They wanted to send us the new products but we had to keep them top-secret while we were testing them out. Half way through testing, Cleo got poorly. She was clingy and wouldn’t settle so there was no better time to put the MyHummy Mia to the test!

Introducing MyHummy Mia!


Cleo is a very emotional and clingy baby when she is poorly and I think the majority of children are like that. But as a parent it can be a hard time. The no sleep and not being able to even have 5 minutes peace for days or even weeks can be struggle. When your little one is poorly, they want their parents as you are their happy and safe place. This is why we wanted to test Mia out at the most needing of times. Could the Mia give me just 5 minutes peace while Cleo was poorly?

We have used the now discounted MyHummy Fleur before and both Cleo and Elsa loved her and she worked wonders. Mia should be no different, she also includes the app so her heart sensor can be controlled from your phone. The main different with Mia is the material that she is made from. It is softer than that of Fleur and Cleo loved that. For Cleo when she is poorly she wants comfort and as her  mummy I want her to feel as if she is safe in  her cot with her Mia bear. Even though I wanted to cuddle Cleo all the time when she was poorly, I need to have time for myself as well. MyHummy Mia allowed me to do that. It meant that I could make myself a cup of tea or just sit down without holding Cleo. Sometimes, you just need to take time out for yourself and it is important that you do that as a parent. You matter too.


When it comes to using Mia and her app, we normally just use the white noise. It is what Cleo settles to so we just stick with that. As well as Mia being new, there is also a few new bits and pieces coming too. There is a portable pouch so if you didn’t want to take the bear out with you, you can use this small portable pouch which is made from the same amazingly soft material as Mia. There is also a teething ring, it doubles as an attachment for both Mia and the pouch so they are safe and secure on your buggy or cot.

The new products from MyHummy are brilliant quality and will be loved the same if not more than the original products. It means so much to finally find a product that does what it says and more. Both the Fleur and the Mia bears have been a hit with Cleo and Elsa. Mia’s softer material just wins with Cleo though, she loves to cuddle her and when she is poorly in the future I can be sure that the MyHummy Mia and pouch will help so much in giving me just 5 minutes off.


The Mia bear is available from MyHummy for £84.99


*Disclaimer- We were very kindly sent a MyHummy Mia  in exchange for a review*

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