Baby Shark Let’s Go Hunt and Hide & Seek Wooden Puzzle Game Review

Baby Shark doo doo, Baby Shark doo doo! In our house Baby Shark is a big hit and if there is anything with the Pinkfong characters on, the girls want it! Elsa and Cleo were sent the Baby Shark Let’s Go Hunt game and Hide & Seek Wooden Puzzle game to test out and this what we thought!

So unless you’ve been living under a rock then you will know what Baby Shark is. Baby Shark has been gracing our TVs, phones, tablets and even radios for a while now and over time more and more Baby Shark products have been released. Elsa and Cleo love anything Baby Shark related and lucky for them, there is so much available. 2 of those products, they were kindly sent to review.

The Baby Shark Hide & Seek wooden puzzle is ideal for younger Baby Shark lovers. The puzzle has large chunky pieces that are in the shape of the Baby Shark family members. Once the pieces are placed in the correct spot, Baby Shark will play for each member of the Shark family. The puzzle encourages hand and eye coordination and is perfect for children aged 2-4. Cleo loves this, the pieces are the perfect size for her age and the puzzle is easy enough for her to do on her own.

The Baby Shark Let’s Go Hunt game is better for older children as it is a skill game. It can be played by the entire family and the idea of the game is to catch as many sharks as possible but you can as the Baby Shark song plays and the speed of the game increases as the song goes on. Like the wooden puzzle, the Let’s Go Hunt game encourages hand and eye coordination as well as bring families closer together with a family friendly game that everyone can play.

Elsa and Cleo loved playing with both toys but their favouite was the Let’s Go Hunt game. They just love the challenge of it and loved that Mummy and Daddy could play too.

Just beware… the Baby Shark song can get stuck in your head over quickly!


*Disclaimer – we were gifted these games in exchange for a review *

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