Brody’s Birth Story

We have some exciting news! Baby Brody is here!

So first thing is first. We called him Brody! After months and months of going backwards and forwards between different baby names, we finally decided on a name. In good time too as we decided and days later, he arrived.

My C-section and birth plan was planned weeks in advanced. After Cleo’s birth  being an emergency and a scary rush, I wanted Brody’s to be more like Elsa’s and just be more relaxed. But not everything always goes to plan.

So on the 4th October, what I thought was my plug went. I’ve always been told that unless it has blood in it then not to worry about it as it can grow back and go weeks before labour starts. I didn’t think anything of it at all to the point that I didn’t even tell Jonny that it had happened. Well…

On the morning of 5th October, I woke up to find that my waters had broken. Not going to lie, to start off I thought I was weeing myself. After 10 seconds or so, it was obvious that my waters had indeed broken and that is when the rush started. I shouted Jonny upstairs and I think I scared the day lights out of him by saying that I think Brody might be on his way.

I had planned to have a C-section due to having PND and PTSD from Cleo’s birth. I wanted to be in control and I wanted to choose how things happened. So my date for my C-section was 11th October, 1 week before my due date. But with my waters breaking, I knew that things wouldn’t turn out that way and it would now be a rush.

So after a quick phone call to delivery suite, it was time to start getting things organised and ready to go up to the hospital. The next day was the day that Brody’s bed and things would be sorted out but time was not our friend and we had no time to sort it out so we basically just had to leave it.

After arriving at the hospital, a Midwife confirmed that my waters had gone and it was all systems go. I started to get pain and because my labour with Elsa was 4 hours long, they began to worry that my labour was starting fast. I was given a steroid injection as I was only 38 weeks and they spoke to us about the chances that Brody would end up in NICU.

At 3pm, I was sent down to theatre. Thankfully, awake. It was still classed as an emergency but at least I was awake. I was so scared and being in theatre awake was a weird experience. A nerve was hit while doing my spinal so that didn’t go too well but after a little while, I was numb and it wasn’t long after that Brody was here.

At 3.59pm, he arrived and he was fine. He was cleaned up and brought over. He was breathing fine and I was so relieved that he was ok. I was in theatre for 2 hours from start to finish. I lost a lot of blood and was very close to having a blood transfusion. Thankfully, I just skimmed the requirements for blood levels so I didn’t need one.

A lot of the day was a blur but I remember the most important bits and all that matters to me is that Brody is here safe and the next day, we went home.

The last week has been completely crazy and we are now beginning our life as a family of 5! I will post an update  in a couple of weeks when I am blogging full time again!

Brody John Christopher Fisher born 5th October at 3.59pm weighing 7lb 3oz



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