Magic Advent Calendar Review

This blog post contains spoilers of the Magic Advent Calendar!

This post will contain spoilers so if you haven’t opened all of the doors in your Magic Advent Calender then you might not want to read on as I will be talking about what you get in the calender.

Otherwise, if you are looking to purchase this calender then I will tell you exactly what we thing of this unique advent.

I think chocolate advents are great but special ones where you get something to do every day is always nice too.

In the Magic Advent Calender, you receive a magic trick everyday. It is a 24 day advent so you can perform your tricks to family on Christmas Day. It is such a great idea for a calender as it doesn’t just last that one day. It makes a great activity for Christmas Day too and you and your child could even teach other family members the tricks too.

Behind each door is a trick and the advent calender also comes with a booklet which contains the secrets behind each trick and how to perform it. The pages are stuck together for each day so you can skip ahead of peek at what is coming next.

Elsa found the idea of a magic trick advent calender really unique and she enjoyed learning each trick. We opened all of our doors to be able to do this review but we opened the first weeks worth of doors normally to give her the usual advent experience. As a parent, I like the idea of a calender that lasts. The tricks can be used after Christmas too and it is great to encourage your child to do something that makes their brain work and encourages creative and imagination too.

Included in the Magic Advent Calender is

2x ellis rings, 1x small ball, 4x magic rings, 2x magic thimbles, 3x cups, 1x ball, 1x half ball, 1x star on string, 1x coin, 1x little hand, 1x trick card, 2x Santa Claus figure, 1x special bank note, 1x magic card holder, 1x magic rope, 4x cotton balls, 1x magic bottle, 1x Houdini coin case, 1x invisible thread, 1x magic wand, 1x set of Christmas balls cards (4), 1x set of street flush cards (5), 1x set of find that ace cards (3), 1x set of blanks to aces to kings cards (6), 1x set of bending fork cards (22), 1x set of computer cards (6), 1x instruction manual.

It is priced at £19.99 and is available from Amazon.

Disclaimer- we were kindly gifted the Magic Advent Calender in exchange for a blog post

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