Schools Out For Summer!

It is the summer holidays but that isn’t always good news.

It seems like this term has gone on for so long. It might be down to covid and everything that comes with that. More and more families seem to be isolating. I read a article the other day that said that over a 1 million children were self isolating over the last couple of week. That is a scary number.

Now that schools are closed, children need entertaining. Which is easier said than done when we are living in a pandemic. Being at school gives children routine and things to do. They socialise and they are with their friends, when they are at home things are different. There isn’t so much to do and finding them things to can be a challenge in itself.

School may be out for summer but it doesn’t make life easier for parents. There is no childcare unless you are using a childminder or a family member. If you work then it is a juggle and then there is the worry of Covid.

It is going to be nightmare if we have to isolate and I am dreading it if we get pinged or a call. We are waiting for a huge heat wave too which is going to be lovely if you can relax and sit on the beach.

The school holidays are here but that isn’t always a good thing. It is the second day in and I am already exhausted. One worry in the summer holidays is money. It costs so much to take the kids out every single day and it just isn’t doable. We are going to write a list of things to do and most of the things on the list won’t cost alot at all. It is going to be visits to the local library and just going for a ride on the bus. As well as home activities because of the rising covid numbers. Check out places like Twinkl and other online resources for at home activities that can be printed at home.

How are you going to survive the summer holidays?

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