National Space Center, Leicester Review

That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. – Neil Armstrong

Space is one of those subjects when there is so much to learn that we will never know it all. Just like space, learning is never ending. There is always something new being discovered about space and the great wide universe. From such a young age, we can be gripped by what is out there beyond the earth. Who really knows that is out there?

The National Space Center in Leicester is the perfect place if you have unanswered questions about the universe, space travel and space science. The center is based in the city center and is in partnership wth the University of Leicester and their space resource programmes.

The National Space Center has 6 interactive galleries, the UK’s biggest planetarium and a 42m rocket tower which is home to 2 full size rockets. It is easy to spend 3-4 hours at the center and that doesn’t include lunch and breaks. There is so much to do and see! As well as there being interactive galleries, there are also plenty of space history and artifacts to see including some outfits and items that belong to UK Astronaut, Tim Peake.

When it comes to understanding the science and the history, children that visit would need to be at least 7 years old but that doesn’t stop younger kids enjoying the center at all. Brody is 2 and loved every gallery. He might not of understood the science but he was very happy to see rockets, planets and astronauts. The entry price reflect on this as children under 5 years are free of charge.

Check out our reel of the National Space Center below:

We visited on a Saturday and it was a busy day. We managed to see everything and the amount of people didn’t take away from the day that we had. it was lovely to see so many children learning and exploring. Places like this spark a children imagination and exploration. It is an incredible place to visit and we highly recommend it.

In the center, there is a really good cafe that stocks cold and hot food. A huge variety of interactive activites, a planetarium and so, so much more!

One huge bonus is that when you purchase a ticket, it entitles you to visit free for a whole year! Ideal if you live close by or plan to be near Leicester a few times in a year. It is a great deal!

Admission prices are £16.95 for a adult, £13.96 for a child over 5 years and under 5’s are free. There is also a concession rate of £13.95 and a carer for a disabled person is free.

You can find out more information over on their website

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