Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it is time to sort out that gift for your loved one!

It’s a important to show your loved one that you care for them all year round but Valentine’s Day is one day of the year which is made just for that. From flowers to chocolates to gifts, there is so many ideas of presents that you can get your Valentine.

Flowers make a great gift and there are many different places to purchase them from. Small florists support small businesses but if your budget doesn’t stretch to a this then the supermarkets create some amazing flowers just for Valentine’s Day for all budgets. The same goes for chocolates. There are luxury chocolate shops but at the same time, a small bar from a local shop means just the same.

A great way to spend Valentine’s Day is to experience something together such a meal or a stay somewhere. Make memories can be the very best thing to do on the day of love.

Giving books can be a great gift too. The gift of a story that your Valentine will enjoy and remember. There are books for every genre, every budget. There is a book for everyone. Some personal favourites of mine which would make a great gift are; Rock N Roll Nanny – The story of Sally Arnold and her life of being a Nanny for some of the world’s biggest household names. The Logos Prophecy Book 1 – A Thriller with twists and turns. Ary Long is a conspiracy theorist, Jordan Burke is a science guy – and never the twain shall meet… until, through chance encounter and a bizarre symbol, their lives take an extraordinary turn. The German Spy Mistress – It is 1955. An East German agent – a disillusioned man who hates pretty girls – is sent to spy on a non-existent missile test in Cyrenaica. It is intended that he be caught. A historical fiction that keeps readers gripped.

All of these books are available now and they are all amazing reads. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to give someone you love a book. It could be a new read or something that you also love to read.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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