Strictly Briks – Lego compatible bricks review

Building brick type toys will always be a firm favourite for children. There are so many varieties on the market but some brands do come with a big price tag and when your children want a few sets, the price can soon mount up. That is where Strictly Briks comes in handy!

Elsa is now at the age where she wants to explore and play with more imaginative toys such as building bricks. Strictly Briks have a huge range of bricks and sets that are 100% compatible with other major brands such as Lego. Elsa was sent the Classic Stackable Trap and Gap Baseplates and Stackers and the 12 colour 156 piece loose building briks set. She has been wanting to start her bricks collection and this is great start to her collection. With them being compatible with other brands, we can also add more to her collection over time.

Other than being able to play with Strictly Briks with other brands, the other pro is the price point. The 156 piece loose set RRP is £6.99 and the Classic Trap and Gap set RRP is £21.99. The price point is low so the sets are brilliant for a child that is starting their collection.

The Trap and Gap set is a set of 4 base plates that have trapdoors and ramps so you can stack and go from level to level. The possibilities of play are endless from a house to a classic toy car garage. It is whatever your imagination creates. Elsa likes to pretend that her stack is a hospital with an ambulance bay and operating theatres. By using the 156 piece loose set with the Trap and Gap set, it meant that Elsa could create rooms, walls and she even pretend they were hospital equipment  on the base plates.

As a parent, I was very impressed with Strictly Briks. The quality and price of the sets are great and it means that even with pocket money Elsa can buy herself more sets or bags of loose briks. Strictly Briks also do more educational toys such as letter sets so as well as being great for your child’s imagination, you can also add them to your at home educational play.

You can find Strictly Briks on


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent the 2 sets of Strictly Briks in exchange for a review*


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