Children’s Christmas Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. The time when you have no idea what to buy someone has a gift. This year, I have got a good list of products that would make brilliant Christmas gifts for children. There is something for every age group on this list and some things that adults might like to play with too!

Froggy Party – An interactive game where Froggy guides you through the rules and leads children through 15 minutes of fun. With 50+ activities such as running and jumping on the lily pads, this game is one to get the kids up and moving about.  Suitable for 4 years+ and priced at £19.99 RRP20191116_191331.jpg

Children friendly albums  – An album is one of the best things you can buy a child as a gift. Music is great for a child development no matter their age. Joanna Forest – The Rhythm of Life is an album jam packed with amazing songs that are a classical family musical crossover. It is available from Amazon and features some duets with people such as Andy Day from Cbeebies. Megson – Little Bird  is another great album. It’s a collection of Children’s folk songs that are tailored for young children. Introducing children to different genres of music is a great too so getting them something such as Megson’s album for Christmas is a brilliant idea. The last album which would make a great gift is David Gibb – Rolling Down the Road . It is collection of music for little people, big people and everyone else in between. The album is by musician and songwriter David Gibb and the album is full of catchy child friendly songs. Perfect for a special gift!


Elf On The Shelf  – Is there anything more perfect for Christmas?! Adopting an Elf from Elf On The Shelf or purchasing one of their new exciting products such as the  Elf On The Shelf Orna-POP advent calender  is a great way to give a child something extra special for Christmas. Both are available from the Elf On The Shelf website and are brilliant for all ages.


Helly Hensen Outerwear  – If you are looking to get something other an toys for a gift then some great outerwear is always a good idea especially in the older months. Helly Hansen is a brand that not only is a household name but is amazing quality. Their clothing comes in a huge variety of designs and colours and they start at age 1 so there is something for everyone. Elsa and Cleo are wearing the K Barrier Down Insulator in Pool Blue and the K Bergen AOP PU Rainset in Catalina .


Guinness World Records 2020  – It is always so fascinating to read through the Guinness Book of World Records. The facts and information are incredible and every year, a new version of the book comes out with even more amazing things inside. It is becoming some what of a tradition to give one as a Christmas present and this year, you can also buy a gaming edition!


Harrow & Green Ampleforth Christmas Sack – A Christmas sack is perfect for all ages and it will last year after year.  The Harrow & Green Ampleforth sack is a traditional hessian sack that you can personalise with your child name. Harrow & Green is a company that is loved by the Royal family which gives you the piece of mind that the products are incredible quality.  Ampleforth sack – £22.00 each RRP


Fuzzikins  – The Fuzzi School from Fuzzikins is a pop up school that creates hours of fun. It includes 4 student animals and a wise owl teacher.  The school pop ups to reveal 3 school sections, the playground, the dinning room and the classroom. You can colour in Fuzzikins then wash them and colour in again. It makes hours of creative fun.


MAM Baby products  – Buying for a small baby can be impossible at Christmas time. What do you get a newborn or a baby that is only a few months old?! Mam do an brilliant range of soothers, bottle, teethers and more. There are products for all ages and products for breastfed babies so every baby is catered for.


Orang-u-twang  – A wild family suspense game, simply hang fruit and jungle friends on to the Orangatang but he will spring up when he is holding too much. This game is great for the whole family. It is fun, full of suspense, everyone can play and there are no batteries required! Priced at £19.99 RRP


Babycup  – Babycup is a baby friendly cup that encourages fine motor skills and independence as well as being recommend by dentists. These little cups are perfect for ages 4 Months+ and are ideal for weaning. Priced at £6.99 for 4 cups


Eco Kids Magazine  – Eco Kids is a magazine subscription that gives the gift of knowledge. The magazines are jam packed with information and activities all about nature and the planet. Subscriptions start at £11.20 and it is the gift that will keep on giving.


5 Second Rule  – 5 Second Rule is the game that puts you under pressure. In 5 seconds can you name 3 breeds of dog or maybe something more difficult?! It is a fast paced brain challenging family game and is ideal for giving to play this Christmas. Priced at £19.99 RRP


Love Leggings  – Elsa and Cleo spend 80% of their day in a pair of leggings, they are easy and comfortable and go with pretty much everything. Love Leggings makes the perfect clothing gift for a child that loves to explore and have adventures. The leggings are brilliant quality and are priced at £8.00 a pair.


Mizzie The Kangaroo  – Mizzie is a 100% natural rubber baby teething toy. It stimulates baby using sight, touch, smell and hearing and is perfect for relieving babies of sore gums during the times of teething. Mizzie is designed with babies in mind and made for tiny hands and sore gums. Priced at £16.80 RRP


Learning Resources Cash Register  – Ideal gift for encouraging the imagination. The Learning Resources cash register is brilliant for teaching early maths skills and the larger buttons are perfect for little hands. It also encourages money skills through play. Suitable for children aged 3-7 and is priced at £36.00


Personalised Wooden Christmas Eve Box  – A gift that will be loved and used year and year. These Christmas eve boxes are made from natural wood and can be personalised with any name. Simply fill them with delicious treats and Christmas activities for the perfect gift.


Ultra Dash  – Set out the targets round the home and then race to match the colour that flashes on the device to the target! Ultra Dash is a fast moving game for anyone who thinks they are up for it. Make the game as hard or as easy as you would like and pick between 3 game modes. Brilliant for all the family and is priced at £19.99



*These products were sent to us in exchange for inclusion in the gift guide*



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