Pull My Finger Game Review

Elsa is the perfect age to start playing family games. We have played the traditional games but she wanted to try something a bit different. So we played a new game called Pull My Finger…

The whole objective of the game is to not be the one to make Mr Buster the Monkey fart. The game is for 2+ players and you each take it in turns to spin the banana wheel and then pull Mr Buster’s finger that amount of time that you got on the spinner. When you pull his finger is butt then inflates until…he blows. The one that makes him blow is out, you then play until you have a winner. The butt makes a farting noise and then deflates ready for the next game.

It is hilarious and you never know when he is going to fart or how big his butt will get. Sometimes when we played it, it just got bigger and bigger. At one point, we were worried that it was going to explode. You do get an extra butt for Mr Buster in case his butt does burst while playing. It is a great family game and gets everyone laughing. Surprisingly, it also helps with Elsa learning her numbers as she is using this game to recognise numbers and with her counting so that is another great use for this game and maybe one that I wouldn’t have thought of if I had seen Pull My Finger in the shops.

This video doesn’t exist

The game is suitable for children aged 4+ and doesn’t require batteries which is a plus for adults. Pull My Finger is quick and easy to assemble and put away and it is available from Smyths Toys  and is priced at £13.99.


*Disclaimer – We were sent Pull My Finger in exchange for a blog post review *

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