Flying High With The Newest PJ Mask Toys

PJ Masks, We’re the PJ Masks, PJ Masks, We’re the PJ Masks ‘Cause bedtime is the right time to fight crime.
I can’t think of a rhyme.

Now that I have the theme song in your head, let’s talk about the newest PJ Masks toys!

Save The Skies is a new theme which has just been introduced in a new special episode of the PJ Masks on Tiny POP! I think like most children, mine are huge PJ Masks fans.

Pj Mask toys are on every Christmas and birthday list and I don’t like this year is going to be any different. With more and more new and exciting toys coming out that go along with the hit TV show, the list of PJ Masks toys on the Christmas lists is just going to be longer and longer. The new Save The Skies theme has some amazing new toys in the collection and we were given the opportunity to play with these. Elsa and Cleo were very very excited for this.

So what did we play with?

There are two new big playsets; Air Jet and Romeos Flying Factory. There is also a smaller vehicle and figure set. We received the Air Jet and a smaller set to review and I am sure that the Romeo Flying Factory will be on Elsa or Cleo’s Christmas list.

What did we think ?

PJ Masks Air Jet – Even we had fun playing with this one. The air jet comes with some amazing features that your children will love. At a press of a button, the jet transforms, there are pop out wings, lights and sounds! It is such an exciting toy and really ignites the imagination. It also comes with a missile shooter so your child can help catch the villains with the Catboy that is included in the set. The jet is a new design that can be seen in Save The Skies special.

Catboy comes in an exclusive PJ Masks outfit and he is pose able so can sit in the jet as well as other PJ Masks toys. The Jet has a handle which is actually a very good feature to have when your child wants to pretend to fly with the PJ Masks. It makes it easy to take it out and about as well and the fold up design makes storing it similar too.

Elsa and Cleo love a hands on toy and this is definitely that. It helps encourage imaginative play and role play. The lights and sounds makes for more immersive play. The handle was great for when they wanted to pretend to fly the jet as they could keep a strong grip on the toy. The size of the jet is brilliant for smaller hands and the playset is suitable for children aged 3 years plus.

It is priced at £34.99 and available from Smyths Toys.

PJ Masks Flying Hero vehicle and figure set – These sets are smaller and great for PJ Mask fans that just want something little to play with and not a big set. The bigger sets are amazing but if you are worried about space then these ones are brilliant. They include a PJ masks figure and vehicle from the new Save The Skies episode. There are 3 to collect and they can be used with the other playsets. They are once again great for smaller hands but suitable for 3 years plus. These sets are ideal for stocking fillers or smaller presents as they are priced at £13.99.

We love these smaller sets, they are great for taking out and about. Also they are great for the first PJ Masks to buy your children as they can create their very own stories with the figures. Elsa and Cleo have got the other 2 sets on their Christmas list already!

Disclaimer – We were kindly sent these toys in exchange for a review

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