Frozen 2 Magic Ice Sleeve and Shapeshifter Olaf Toy Review

With a Daughter named Elsa, you can imagine how much we love Disney’s Frozen in our household! We recently tested out the Frozen 2 Ice Sleeve and Shapeshifter Olaf toys.

Frozen has been a hit from Disney for years now and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere either. Elsa has been a huge fan since she was a baby, we would sit and sing along to it even when she wasn’t really saying alot. Over the years, more and more Frozen products have come out and each time they do, my children seem to want them.

Cleo seems to enjoy Frozen just as much as Elsa does and as the film contains to gain popularity. It is clear that Frozen is going to be loved for years and years to come.

We have a huge range of Frozen toys and the girls do keep tabs on new ones that are coming out. The Frozen Magic Ice Sleeve and Shapeshifter Olaf are toys that they have looked at before, they have seen them in toy stores and online. So when we were given the chance to review them, the girls were very very happy!

Frozen 2 Magic Ice Sleeve

With the Ice Sleeve, your child can actually turn in to Elsa from Frozen. Or in our case, Elsa turns in to Elsa!

The Magic Ice Sleeve comes with a bejeweled and lace trimmed sleeve with goes on your child’s arm. The magic of the ice sleeve comes from the bracelet that attaches to your child’s arm comfortably so they can pull the ice trigger and the the canister underneath sprays ‘ice’. The ice is silly string!

As well as the ice canister, you also get a spray bottle which can be filled with water for endless fun even when the silly string is all gone.

Elsa loved playing with this while wearing her favourite Frozen dress (we have them all!).

The Frozen 2 Magic Ice Sleeve is available from Smyths Toys and is priced at £24.99.

Shapeshifter Olaf

I have to say that Olaf is one of my favourite characters from Frozen. He is hilarious!

Shapeshifter Olaf has 5 connection points; head, 2 body sections, arms, feet, nose and stick arms. Your child can mix and match the different parts of Olaf’s body. Olaf also has sounds, you can press his body section to hear him talk. He says phrases from the movie too!

The girls loved to mix and match Olaf’s body sections and they found it funny to make him look completely different to how he does in the movie!

Shapeshifter Olaf is available from Smyths Toys and is priced at £29.99.

Disclaimer – we were kindly gifted these toys in exchange for a blog post

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