Enchanted Journey Of Light At Thursford This Christmas!

Christmas this year is going to be different and at this time of year, we would normally be visiting the Thursford Spectacular show. We have been for the last 2 years but unfortunately Covid but a stop to it. Thursford organised something just a magical and special though and we visited!

With all the rules that comes with Covid, events have had to change. Masks indoors and hand sanitisation is a must anywhere we go!

Thursford would usually have their big Christmas spectacular but with all the rules, it just wasn’t possible and this is the first time in decades that it has had to be cancelled. When we read that it wasn’t going ahead this year, we were disappointed.

Thursford was prepared though. They have put on one of the most magical Christmas experiences that we have been too.

The Enchanted Journey Of Light is a one of event for 2020 and it is not like anything else that has been to Thursford before.

You begin your journey indoors, this is where the show would usually be but instead they have created an indoor trail filled with the Thursford steam engines and Christmas themed characters and incredible light shows. Next to the stage, there is a 6 minute music and light show for kids to sing and dance to. This was definitely a high light for us and the girls loved it!

You then journey outside to the fair ground. It is a traditional fairground with a ferris wheel, helter-skelter and other rides. Ride prices are ok which tokens being £1.20 each. The rides where 2 or 3 tokens each. Brilliant for the whole family too!

Then there is the trail that we loved the most. The lantern trail. It was so magical and it was nothing that we had seen before. The lanterns were in the shape of flowers, animals and Christmasy characters. It was such an amazing experience and the atmosphere of the whole place was incredible.

We loved our time at the Enchanted Journey Of Light at Thursford. It is £18 a person with children under 2 free. Maximum a group of 6 due to Covid rules. It is on from 3rd December to the 10th January so covers the while festive period.

I would say it is definitely worth the price. It is a one time experience and the kids loved it and haven’t stopped talking about it since we visited!

To find out more visit the Enchanted Journey Of Light website.

We recieved press tickets in exchange for a blog post

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