Back To Down Syndrome Awareness

When I first started blogging, Down Syndrome Awareness was the main thing that I wrote about. So in 2022, I am getting back in to it.

This year, my blog is 6 years old! When I first started blogging it was a place for me to write and get my thoughts out. It didn’t matter if no one read it. It is was my place to get things out of head and off my chest. At the time, I only had Elsa so my writing was about being a mum to her but also being a sibling to a brother with Down Syndrome.

A bit of a back story if you don’t know. The age gap between Rory and Elsa is 17 days. They are Uncle and Niece but more like twins!

Over the last year or so, writing about my life with a brother with Down Syndrome and Down Syndrome awareness has taken a back seat. One thing in 2022 that I want to do is get back in to it. It was such a rewarding part of blogging and I love writing about Rory and the amazing impact that he has on our life.

To read my old post, you can check out the Down Syndrome Awareness tab in the menu!

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