How Do We Talk About War To Our Children?

2022. The year that things got worse in the world. Another year of having to find the words to tell your children that something is happening in the world.

In a ideal world, our children wouldn’t be aware of what is going on but with the news on TV, social media if they are old enough to have it and talk at school, that isn’t possible. Children, like you and I, talk. They have discussions. There is no sheltering their little ears from the horrors of the news.

Over the last 2 years, we have all had conversations with our children that we never thought we would have. What with a pandemic and now a war, how do we talk about things like this to our children.

To be honest, I am struggling to explain the war to Elsa. Thankfully, Cleo and Brody don’t understand or take any notice. Elsa on the other hand is like a sponge and sucks up information. She worries alot too so it is important to talk to her about things that she may be worried about. They have been talking about the war at her school and she has asked me many questions and most of them I don’t even know the answer too. We have had the globe out to have a look at where these places are. One question that I can’t answer though is ‘ Is it going to be ok?’

The one question that we all what the answer too but don’t have. No one knows what is going to happen and as parents, we have this natural response to have the answers and make the world a better place for our children. We are all struggling. I have found that talking more about how incredible we all are for helping the people in Ukraine. Making it more about unity than war.

Everyone is going to talk to their children about the war differently and however you choose to do it is your decision.

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