Trying Out The New SuperThings!

We have tested out SuperThings before and they have always been a hit with the kids but now Brody is older…it is his turn!

There are 2 brand new SuperThings that are available to buy now. The SuperThings Turbo Ice and SuperThings Pizzacopter. Both of these new playsets come with exclusive Kazoom Kid and SuperThing.

The Turbo Ice set is a motorbike that also has a built in catapult for launching balls of ice cream. Badnilla, the Kaboom city villian can speed around the city in the motorbike and launch ice creams from the bike too.

The Pizzacopter is a pizza themed helicopter that fires pizza discs. These can be used to defend the city from villians! The helicopter is pizza themed with pizza slices propellers and a sidekick called Slicey.

The SuperThings toy range is great to ignite a child’s imagination. They can even play along with the hit YouTube channel. The play possibilities are endless with SuperThings.

As soon as the SuperThings parcel arrived Brody wanted to play with the new sets. They are bright and colourful so caught his eye!

Both sets are available now from Amazon and are priced at £13.99

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