The Importance of Sensory Play Featuring Sensory Treasures

We have all heard of sensory play some where along the line when you have kids. A lot of nurseries seem to include it in their activities now and it is encouraged by professionals. But what is sensory play and how can I help our children?

So what is sensory play? It is described as an activity that stimulates your child’s senses. Whether that be touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight or hearing. It is said that sensory play helps develop nerve connections in your child’s brain  that in turn helps your child complete more complex learning tasks. It does all sound very complicated I know!

Don’t worry though as Sensory Treasures has got your back! Created by Carol Lloyd who has got 25 years experience as an early years professional, Carol makes bespoke sensory packs and baskets for both children and adults.

These amazing sensory packs include everything that you need to have the very best sensory play experience. It’s hard to find a pack like this that has all the bases covered and at a decent price as well. As a family member of someone with special needs there can be pressure put on you by health professionals to do things like sensory activities to help your loved one. The only problem is sometimes these can be costly and not include everything that you need or be 100% suitable for them. Over at Sensory Treasures, Carol asks what kind of products you would like as well as likes and dislikes to make sure that the pack or basket is perfect.

There is so much love and detail in every pack! Rory received his pack and it has been amazing. The pack is tailored just for him and everything in the pack really does stimulate him. His pack contained things like a foil blanket, musical instruments, mirrors, cars and fiddly toys all packaged up in a cute fabric monkey bag that matches one of the items inside.

Sensory Treasures do an incredible job at making these bespoke sensory packs and they would be an amazing gift for any child but they are even more amazing for a child that uses something like sensory to learn day in day out!

Sensory Pack

Sensory Treasures –


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent this from Sensory Treasures in exchange for an honest review *

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