Why as a Down Syndrome advocate I admire Katie Price

I guess some people would see this as quite a controversial topic but hold out and make up your mind at the end of this post.

Katie Price has a son, Harvey who is disabled. Katie is in the celebrity limelight so herself has received her fair share of hateful online comments. Most people now a days have access to social media, due to the amount of social media accounts there is more online trolls. Katie’s son, Harvey has received awful online abuse. His photos have been stolen and photo shopped, Katie gets tweets, messages and comments daily. As with Harvey there is online trolls that target people with additional needs on all social media platforms. As a Down Syndrome advocate I have seen online trolling comments made to both adults and children with Down Syndrome. These comments/online actions are horrific and could have an affect on both the targeted person and their families. The majority of comments are old fashioned derogatory terms.

Katie Price is campaigning and has even been to parliament to make the government aware that change needs to happen, online trolls need stopping and something needs to  be put in place in the law to discourage people from making social media accounts purely to be online trolls.

Personally I think it is amazing that Katie is using her ‘celebrity’ to make change happen. I would love to have an impact and influence like Katie has on a subject such as online trolls and bullying. If you had someone come up to you in the street and verbally abuse you over and over again this would be an offence and someone could receive a criminal record for doing this. If the abuse is done online, there is nothing in place to take this further and give such trolls a criminal record. Both face to face and online have a very negative impact on the victim but are both treated differently by the police and by courts.

This is why Katie wants change and I am 100% behind her on this!

To find out more there are a lot of YouTube videos of Katie talking about her campaign




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