ErgoPouch Sleepsuit Bag Review

ErgoPouch is an Australian award-winning company, their products are known for their breathable organic fibre baby products.
Ergopouch make one of the most unique baby products I have ever seen. The Sleepsuit bag.

This genius idea is a sleeping bag that converts in to a sleepsuit with the design of a 2 way zip between the legs. It takes 2 seconds to convert and features feet grips if your baby is at the age in which they are walking about. Having this built-in to the sleeping bag means that it is easy to change your child’s nappy and there is nothing in the way if your child does want to wear the ErgoPouch while walking. The sleepsuit bags material is soft and skin friendly, so you don’t need to worry if your little one has sensitive skin.

Sleeping bags are the ideal product as organisations such as the Lullaby Trust recommend an empty cot, using a product such as Ergopouch ensures that you won’t have any loose blankets. They are available in sizes 2-12 months, 8-24 months and 2 years to 4 years. Ergopouch have got your little one covered from when they’re tiny to when they are ready to move to a bigger bed with duvet. They are available in a variety of different types, short or long sleeve and also a range of togs (1, 2.5, 3.5 tog). Whatever the season is there is a Ergopouch perfect for your family.

Included with your sleepsuit bag is a temperature guide. This is a super helpful guide on what to dress your child in when the room is a certain temperature, there is also a room thermometer with the guide. It is a lovely touch as it gives you extra peace of mind so you know how to dress your baby.

ErgoPouch kindly sent us 2 of their short sleeve 1 tog sleepsuit bags for Elsa and Cleo. Elsa has the Spring Leaves pattern while Cleo has the Triangle Pops. Both have been loved by the girls, surprisingly Elsa adores hers. She hasn’t used anything like this since she was around 6 months of age so I was a bit hesitant to whether she would enjoy using it. I knew Cleo would love hers as we have always used a product like this for her. By far this is the best one. It is easy to put on and the zips mean it is easy to change a nappy. All this said, one of my favourite things is the patterns that are available. There is a great variety of gorgeous patterns for both boys and girls.

ErgoPouch Sleepsuit bags are the perfect gift for baby showers, new baby, christenings and birthdays!

For more info or to buy visit;

*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent 2 products from Ergopouch in exchange for a review*

6 thoughts on “ErgoPouch Sleepsuit Bag Review

  1. This sounds amazing. I was always wary about buying a sleeping bag for my toddler as I always wondered how he would walk in it if he needed to, so the feet grips definitely sound like a handy feature. I’ll have to check them out.


  2. We have always used sleeping bags with our eldest and will be using them with our newborn too. Hasn’t seen this brand before but it looks fab!


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