Our Summer Family Wish List 2018

I saw a post on Facebook last week about only having 18 summers with your children and it got me thinking.

Time goes so quickly. It passes by and you don’t notice the days go. I’m hoping that I won’t get just 18 summers, one of my goals as a mummy is no matter what age my babies are we will still be very close. But at the same time I don’t want to have regret and feel like I’ve wasted time when I could be making memories. I’ve come up with my summer family wish list. This is a list of between 10-15 things that I want to make sure I do over the summer season. Here is my summer family wish list;

  1. Be more creative and arty with the kids.
  2. Explore places we have never been before both in Norfolk and further away.
  3. Have days away from my phone as some times I have mum guilt and feel like I am on it way to much.
  4. Be more involved in the gardening.
  5. Enjoy Saturday afternoons with the girls watching Daddy play football.
  6. Book a weekend away.
  7. Have more lazy movie days with the kids.
  8. Laugh more and just enjoy every moment.
  9. Let Elsa organise where to go on a day out.
  10. Go on a spontaneous adventure.
  11. Create a forever keepsake photo book for Elsa and Cleo.
  12. Celebrate Cleo’s first birthday in a big way with friends and family.

If you were to write a summer family wish list, what would you include in it?


7 thoughts on “Our Summer Family Wish List 2018

  1. I also seen that post on Facebook the other day and it made me so sad. Especially because we are already on my sons third. I would love to be able to take him on holiday to more places but financially we just can’t. Instead, we are trying to make so many home memories at local places that we can look back on. I figured he doesn’t mind where we are as long as we are together and hopefully he will appreciate that when he gets older x


  2. The 18 summers thing really hit home with me, it really puts things into perspective doesnt it. My eldest is 8 already and just thinking how far into it with are with her is mad! x


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