Stop Asking If I’m Having Another Baby! I’m Not!

Apparently society believe that it is acceptable to ask a woman when they are having a baby or when they are having more. Well, I just wish people would STOP!

As someone who hates being pregnant and takes being pregnant badly, if you do have an opinion on a woman’s reproductive timing then please keep it to yourself. Alot of woman probably feel the same as me that if you were handed a baby, you would be so happy as it is the pregnancy that is the rough time. Some people might see the situation as ‘sad’. I am still young so to say no more can be surprising to some. But it isn’t sad and it is the right decision for me. I imagine that there are woman reading this and thinking yes that is me and some woman might not get it. A pregnancy hits a woman’s body hard. Some woman deal with it better than others. Myself on the other hand, does not. Those 9 months to me are a mixture of anxiety, depression, pain and worry. Not an experience I want to go through again.

I get alot of comments about needing to try for a boy because I have 2 girls. Just because Jonny and I are parents to girls and don’t have a son, doesn’t mean we are missing out on anything. Not being a mum to a son is fine. Jonny tells me he loves having 2 girls. I’m not ashamed to say, I was worried about how Jonny would react to not having a boy but we do openly talk about it and he reassures me that it doesn’t matter to him. He knows and has seen first hand what pregnancy does to me. I am just one of those woman whose body doesn’t cope with carrying a baby and do you know what? That is absolutely fine. I’m proud that my body has created 2 beautiful girls. At the same time sometimes I am not proud of my body. My mental health and my chronic pain have been made worse by pregnancy. It is like ‘Have a beautiful baby and be a good mum but it will you cost you your mental health.’
So dear society, please STOP asking. STOP assuming. Just because I’m a woman and I have 2 daughters doesn’t mean I will have to try for another to have a boy. It’s not up to you to decide when a woman ‘needs’ to have a baby. Everyone has their own idea of perfect.

9 thoughts on “Stop Asking If I’m Having Another Baby! I’m Not!

  1. My daughter is 8 and this question is all I’ve had since she was born and I still get asked now! I personally don’t understand why people ask this question its rude and personal.


  2. I feel the same, I didn’t enjoy pregnancy at all and I was petrified the whole 9 months leading up to the labour as I didn’t know what to expect. I will Never say never to having another one.. But all I wanted to have was a daughter and I have her!! That’s more than some women can have xx


  3. I never ever get asked, both my babies were surprises and not met with your text book congratulations and I long for my family to actually want me to have more. We want another couple but I know it’s probably not going to be taken well and it’s just so deflating! x


  4. I know what you mean, I only had a daughter, and was for ever being asked and told that I should have another one for my daughter. No, I only ever wanted one and my husband was happy with that. My second husband wanted none, but that did not stop people saying we should have children. Now I am a grandmum, ha ha people have finally stopped 🙂


  5. I have two sons and have had regular comments about whether I will have a girl. I always say no too. I think people are secretly relieved though. To be honest, two is so hard and I can’t imagine having a third and starting all over again, and my baby is only 3 months. The newborn stage is so bloody hard. 2 is definitely the magic number


  6. Well said. I always got annoyed when people would ask me when I was going to have another baby, especially when it was shortly after my son was born. If I want to have another child, then I will have one. I wouldn’t go out of my way to have one just because someone said I should or needed to.


  7. At the grand old age of 41 I’m still getting the question if I’m going for even numbers 😂 I have three. I only wanted one – after the experience I had with my first one was enough 😂😂


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