Chicco Ohlala Stroller Review

Even though I only have only 2 children, I

have tested out my fair share of buggies and strollers. I know exactly what I want and like in a stroller. My check list is rather long, I can be picky with what features I look for too.

For the last month or so Cleo and I have been testing out the Chicco Ohlala stroller. It is the stroller that you can pick up with one finger. After it was delivered, I was surprised at its weight. It is very very light. But that doesn’t mean that quality and features have been missed out in the design. It has all the basic features that you would expect find in a stroller but with the added feature of being very easy to transport and carry. Even though it is lightweight, it is still sturdy. It doesn’t rattle if you shake it like some light strollers do. The hood of the buggy is thin material but it does its job and is detachable. Personally I think it looks better with it attached.

The seat is only world facing and it can recline all the way down if your little one is napping. Perfect for Cleo as she loves to nap in her buggy so that is must for us. The seat is very well padded and I imagine it is comfortable, Cleo looks protected but with the added comfort as well. The harness is easily adjustable also. As for the basket, it is spacious, I can fit the big changing backpack that I use for both the girls in it with no problem what so ever. It is just the right size for all of your essentials.

The brake is good, it is a simple bar brake and does its job! The same with the wheels, I wouldn’t use this buggy for woodland walks but for shopping or a walk round a village or town. It is perfect for just that. The only downside that I have found and it is because I am tall is the handle doesn’t adjust. It is still a comfortable height for me but I imagine that any taller would maybe not enjoy it so much. So that is definitely something to think about when looking at this stroller.

The Chicco Ohlala stroller is a great little stroller, it is ideal if you are looking for that go to product that does its job and your little one enjoys it. It doesn’t have fancy features like other strollers but do you really need them?

Cleo seems to love her journeys and adventures in her stroller, I am confident that she is protected and safe in the Ohlala. The stroller is built so well but at the same time is so light and easy to push.

The Chicco Ohlala is priced at £100 and available from Argos


*Disclaimer – I was kindly sent the Chicco Ohlala in exchange for a review*

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