Our week in Butlin’s featuring Nuby

In September, we went for a much-needed midweek break in Butlin’s, Skegness. As a family of 4, we had a lot of stuff to take along with us. I definitely over packed.

I think most parents do, the fear of not having enough clothes while away makes me want to pack 3 extra outfits for the girls. We have visited Butlin’s a lot over the years and know it like the back of our hand so we should really have packing organised without any trouble.

When it comes to what we take out with us, we use the Nuby changing bag. It is the perfect size to fit everything we could need for 2 children. Elsa is now potty trained so no longer needs nappies but even when she did, the Nuby changing bag was an ideal size. When on holiday, we like to also have space for any extras such as sun cream, drinks and anything the girls want to take with them. But with two children, this can equal a lot. Ideally we wanted a changing bag that meant that we didn’t need to take 2 bags with us. The Nuby changing bag does just that, it has a lot of pockets and has a place for everything along with symbols to guide you where things should go. While in Butlin’s, we would either put the changing bag under our buggy or carry it on our backs. So comfort is essential in what we look for in a bag. The Nuby bag has padding and adjustable straps so you will be able to carry the backpack without discomfort. I suffer with a bad back and even after carrying the bag for an hour or so, my back didn’t hurt anymore than usual and I was carrying a bag that was jam-packed full of toddler essentials . We took the backpack everywhere with us and it is the perfect accessory for our family.


While having fun in Butlin’s, we also used the Nuby foldable travel baby carrier for Cleo. This looks like a regular baby carrier but packs away in to a small bag so it is ideal for taking anywhere. We have tried other brands but they are bulky and take up a lot of room. The Nuby baby carrier was great for us when Elsa would got tired, it allowed her to rest in the buggy while I carried Cleo. The baby carrier is comfortable to wear and Cleo seems to love using it. Which to me is the most important thing. It has a hip belt as well as clipping up on your back so it is safe and secure. Using a baby carrier is just easier for us than buying a double buggy. It meant that we could have a full day in Butlin’s without worrying about Elsa getting to tired with nowhere to rest.

The great thing about both of these products is that both men and women can use them, they are in a unisex colour way. Using the Nuby products meant that our holiday to Butlin’s was just that little bit easier and stress free. We are going to continue to use these products, I am going to be so upset when Cleo can no longer go in the carrier as I love to carry her around in it and she enjoys it so much. The changing bag will perfect for us for a while yet as it is a great size.

The changing bag and carrier are both available on the Nuby website.

We had an amazing time at Butlin’s and here are some photos from our family holiday!









*We were kindly sent the Nuby Changing bag and the carrier in exchange for a blog post. *

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