Snuza Pico Baby Breathing Monitor Review

When it comes to having a child, you worry about everything. So if there is a product that says it can take one aspect of worry away then I want to try it out. Rory has a condition called Sleep Apnea. It can slow his breathing down and it can stop his breathing together. It can be very worrying if your child or a child you know has it.

When talking to other families who have children that also live with Sleep Apnea, a lot talk about Snuza baby breathing monitors. The problem is we have found that there wasn’t any reviews that we could relate too. Rory and I have taken it in to our own hands to find out what the Snuza Pico is really like.


The Snuza Pico is a small smart device that attaches to your little ones nappy. The Pico can monitor your child’s sleep pattern, tummy movement, temperature and sleeping position. All of which you can view through an app on your smart phone. The app is available on Android and Apple devices and is free. The Pico is rechargeable and come with a charging base. With a full charge the battery can last up to 40 hours on continuous use. The battery level can be seen via the app so you don’t have to worry about it running low without you realising.

Snuza products have a feature which give families a peace of mind. The alarm feature, this is the same with every Snuza product. With each movement of your child’s tummy, the movement indicator light will flash green. If there is no movement detected after 5, the Pico will vibrate to wake your child slightly. If for a further 5 seconds, there is still no movement detected, Pico will sound an alarm to tell you that your child’s breathing rate is low or has stopped.

The Pico measures skin temperature which will be slightly different to core body temperature. When the sensor is placed on the skin it can take up to 10 minutes for a more accurate reading. All the Pico’s features can be viewed through the app and it now shows sleep analytics so you can see how nights vary. The easy and convenience of the Snuza Pico is great, It connects though Bluetooth and the set up is very straight forward. For us the set up was practical too, when you set up the app you are required to create a log in. This means that more than one of us can see Rory’s stats.

The Pico for us is such an amazing device. It takes that worry away and gives us peace of mind. It is easy to use and it takes seconds to attach on to Rory’s nappy. He doesn’t notice that we have attached it as the device is small and lightweight, I imagine that if it irritated him then he wouldn’t wear it. With Rory having Sleep Apnea, the Pico allows us to let him sleep without the thought that his breathing rate could be lowered or worse. We are so impressed with the features and the smart aspect of the Pico, Its easy peace of mind.

Would I recommend this device?

Definitely, if you are wanting to monitor your baby or child safely at night while still allowing you to get a good nights sleep. Then I recommend the Pico. It is perfect in a way that it has everything that you might want from a baby monitor. The temperature does take time to adjust but when it has, it is accurate to core temperature. When reviewing the Pico we looked more at the breathing rate monitor and how it could help us supervise Rory’s breathing.


The Pico however isn’t medically certified unlike the other model, the Hero MD. Which also has the same movement features but isn’t a smart device. It is personal preference to whether you would like the smart features or whether you would like the device that is medically certified but all Snuza products are fantastic!

Snuza products are available online and to find out more or to find a store visit;

*Disclamier – We were kindly sent the Snuza Pico in exchange for a review *

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