Niamhs Neverland review – Emergency seat belt cover & Inhaler wallet

When a child has illnesses and needs that require extra such as medication or equipment, it can be very uninteresting to the child.

It can make it hard for the parent to explain to the child that they need these extra things in their life. Niamhs Neverland is helping change that.

Niamhs Neverland is a UK-based company that creates handmade baby and child accessories. The products are handmade by Katy, who is also a mummy. So she know exactly what will help parents when we need it the most. There is a wide range of products on the website from nappy wallets to organisers that are perfect for busy parents.

Rory and I were very kindly sent a spacer/inhaler wallet and an emergency seat belt cushion to test out and let you guys know what we think. As Rory has asthma and need to have a blue and brown inhaler with him at all times, normally they are just rolling around in his bag with his spacer. When I spotted the Niamhs Neverland create a specialist wallet to hold everything Rory needs to manage his asthma, I realised that this would make managing his extra bits and pieces so much easier. As well as holding his spacer and inhaler, the wallet also has space to hold any medication or even a EpiPen is a child was to need one. When ordering a wallet, you can ask for extra elastics to be added to accommodate other medical necessities. I haven’t seen anything else like this on the market. The idea of the inhaler wallets was inspired by mums on the Niamhs Neverland Facebook Page. There was definitely a gap in the market and Niamhs Neverland have created a product which is both functional and fun for children, it is available in many different patterns and there is something for every child.

We have also been testing out the emergency seat belt cushions, this product could in fact be a life saver and also isn’t just for children. The emergency seat belt cushions are a cover that wraps around the seat belt in the car, these can contain emergency medical information in case of an accident and if you were unable to tell the emergency services that the person in the car with you has medical needs. It’s not nice to think about this but if it was to happen, there is something in your car that potentially could save your loved ones life. Rory has a number of health conditions and even if we were not unconscious but suffering with shock, it would be hard to remember very thing. It is just in case, we can travel happily without worrying about what could happen.

Rory has both the inhaler/spacer wallet and emergency seat belt in the digger pattern. Both products are beautifully made and the material is good quality. These will last Rory for years to come and there are many other families that we will be showing these products to and recommending them. Katy does an absolutely fantastic job!


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent both the inhaler wallet and emergency seat belt cushion in exchange for a blog post*

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