Benedykt & Sylvester – Montessori Inspired Educational Materials!

Benedykt & Sylvester is an online boutique that makes and sells Montessori inspired materials for children. A few weeks ago, we were messaging over on Instagram and they asked me if we wanted to try out a few of their products. This is my first time trying anything that is Montessori inspired so I thought it would be interesting to see what the kids thought of it and if we could incorporate anything else Montessori in to our everyday life.

Who or What is Montessori?

Maria Montessori was a pioneer of early years education in the early 20th Century. After being the first Women to graduate from the Universty of Rome, she establised many schools all over the globe and her ways of teaching and observing children was used by hundreds and hundreds of teachers and parents. The Montessori approach to learning is that children should be learning through freedom and things that they love and enjoy. Children should be given the freedom to choose what interests them and this way of learning helps develop and encourage their natural abilities and a love of learning.

Trying out Benedykt & Sylvester

We have never tried anything that is Montessori inspired and to be honest, it isn’t really something that we have looked at in terms of home learning. I have heard of Montessori nurseries and there is on not to far from us but it isn’t something that was at the forefront of our minds. So testing out a few products from Benedykt & Sylvester would be very interesting.

We were very kindly sent 3 products; Dinosaur Wooden Learning TilesPersonlised Montessori Inspired Placemat and Personlised Solid Oak Handing Plaque.

Dinosaur Wooden Learning Tiles 

These oak faced learning tiles are perfect for dinosaur loving chidlren aged 3+. They are 7.8×11.7cm in size and there are 10 in a set. Each tile has a different dinosaur image print directly on to the oak faced wood, this give them a natural feel. When ordering you can choose to have cursive or print font and facts on the back of each tile.

These tiles are amazing for home learning or just for children that are obsessed with dinosaurs. Both Elsa and Cleo are loving dinosaurs at the moment. Elsa has always had a love of dinosaurs, her favourite being a Parasaurolophus! She has been able to say the name of that dinosaur since not long after she was able to walk so we are a commited dinosaur loving household.

As a parent, my favourite feature of these tiles is that they are sustainable and they will last years and could also be passed through generations as they are made from beautiful wood instead of being made from plastic. In terms of pricing, they are priced at £24.99 which may seem a high price when you first look at it but if you take in to consideration that they are handmade, made from gorgeous materials and will last years and years. I think they are brilliant for both the price and the learning aspect. They look amazing and would make a brilliant first addition to any learning space.

Montessori Inspired Wooden Learning Tiles – Dinosaurs – £24.99

Montessori Inspired Personalised Placemat

This peronalised placemat is perfect for enouraging your children to be organised and to teach them order and how to recongised certain shapes and match the shapes with the object. Once your children are old enough, it is also brilliant for teaching them how to set a table. It is made from Acacia wood and measures 34x24cm so it is ideal from the age of 18 months. The placemat helps encourages table manners and the skills assosiated with sitting nicely at a table.

Cleo recieved the placemat with her name and intial on it which is ideal for her as Cleo does struggle to sit and eat her food at the table. She really enjoys setting up the table with her placemat and it actually makes setting the table fun instead of a chore. Cleo recongised her name on the placemat straight away and she loves that it has her name and the ‘C’ on it.

As a parent, I love how the placemat looks. Not only is it functional and Cleo loves using it but it looks beautiful too. It encourages Cleo to sit at the table and eat her meals without any fuss which is a big thing for her. Cleo has suspected Austim so anything that helps us with that at meal times is an life saver for us. The placemat looks amazing on a table and it is so practial too!

Solid Acacia Wooden Children’s Place Mat – £27.99

Soild Oak Personalised Name Plaque

The solid oak personalised name plaque is the finishing touch to any area for your child. Perfect for indoor play spaces or bedrooms or outdoor play spaces if they are water tight. It is 23x10cm in size and come with a thick rustic rope so you can hang it wherever you wish. It is beautiful and compliments any wall space.

Our has Brody on it and it is going to look amazing on the wall once Brody’s bedroom is completed. It would make a great gift for a new baby!

Personalised Solid Oak Rope Plaque – £17.99

Use code: Coastal10 for 10% off!


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent these products from Benedykt & Sylvester*



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