1 Year of Brody, 1 Year Of Using Infantino

Post contains PR Products

Brody is now one! I know, I can’t believe it either! But one year of Brody also means one year of using Infantino products! There will be photos from when Brody was tiny in this post so you will be able to see him grow as well as find out what Infantino Products we love!

We received our first Infantino product way over a year ago and it was the Playtime Pal Fox. I remember opening it and I instantly knew that it was going to be a well loved toy. It is able to fit perfectly on a buggy or carseat. Ideal for taking out and about but Brody has always had his fox in his upstairs toy box, he loves to play with it in his bed, when he was in his next to be crib and even now in his cot, he still plays with it. It has a rattle and a teether as well as sensory textures.

Sticking with the theme of toys, the next few items have been a hit since we opened them for Brody but also the girls too. First up is the 4-in1 Grow With Me Playland. This is a multi function toy that is suitable for pretty much all ages. It features 6 different games including

  • 1: Watch the balls roll, pop, and bounce from one side of the activity center to the next to silly music and bright lights
  • 2: Watch the balls jump and roll from bird nest to zebra, and loop back again!
  • 3: Bowl the coconut into the monkees for silly sounds, fun colors, and an early introduction to numbers and counting
  • 4: Press the hippo’s levers or drop the balls into the hippo’s mouth to watch the balls jump & bounce around the light-up plinko board
  • 5: Catch the balls with the included basket as they pop from the zebra. If they drop, play a game of chase!
  • 6: Attach the basket to the tree trunk to shoot some hoops

So there are so many amazing games that can be played with one toy. It also encourage imaginative play as well as team work and sharing. This is a toy that Brody is now really getting in to but it was also great to have it for the girls too.

For smaller toys, we loved the Piano & Numbers Learning Toucan, this is pretty much what it says on the tin. It is suitable for ages 6-36 months and has 40 songs and fun sounds. It features a piano on a toucan shaped toy and there are so many different tunes and loads of buttons for your baby to press and learn what each of them do. It is ideal as a travel toy as it is compact and can fit easily in a changing bag.

For a much larger toy, the Sit, Spin and Stand Entertainer has got to be the best toy for us out of all the Infantino toys that we tried. We have tired other products that are similar to this in the past but they have a shorter ‘life’ to them. The Infantino one has such a big age range that is suitable for because of its dual purpose. It can go from an activity table to a 360 degrees spinning seat with detachable toys and light up buttons, music and other sound effects. There are 3 height positions so it grows with your child. It fold away easily so it can be taken to Nanny’s house or if you need to store it at home. This is one toy that Brody and the girls use pretty much everyday and it has a special corner in our living room.

If space is an issue for you then the Grow-with-me Discovery seat and booster will be for you. It is similar to the Sit, Spin and Stand Entertainer but it is seat version. It has the same theme as the Sit and Spin and the Piano & Numbers Toucan. It is suitable from when your baby can sit up unaided and turns in to a booster seat for an adults seat up a table so again, it lasts a long time! The seat is made from plastic with an comfy and easy to clean fabric over it. It comes with a tray that has toys on it but the tray parts in the middle to reveal a snack tray. We have also used this product so much!

On the subject of weaning, one product that made weaning so so easy was the Squeeze Station and Pouches. This is perfect for making and storing your very own baby food. An absoulute life saver during weaning. You can ensure that your baby gets the very best when you make baby food yourself and this makes it so easy to create food pouches yourself. You simply pour the food in the tube and push the lid down and it will push into the pouches. With the Squeeze Station kit you get 10 pouches to start you off but you can buy more. The station is very easy to clean and store.

Sleep. We need it and it can be hard to get little ones to sleep sometimes. Even the girls find it hard to sleep sometimes and nearly every night for the last year, we have had the Musical Soother and Night Light Projector on. This night light is the same theme as the Playtime Pal Fox so look brilliant together. It plays 20 minutes of music and nature sounds. It shoes the most beautiful light show on the wall and ceiling too. The tail of the fox create the light show and it also features a removable night light baby fox that can be taken off the main stand and used as an additional night light or torch. We have used the night light so much and all the kids love it. It is soothing and perfect for those nights when the kids find it harder to sleep.

Do you have any Infantino products?

All of these products are available from Infantino.com

Disclaimer – These products were gifted to us in exchange for a blog post

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