VIP Pets Fabio & Fabia’s Hair Salon Review

A little while ago, we review the new VIP Pets. Well now they are back with a glittery bang with a salon! As we had reviewed the VIP Pets, We thought it would be a good idea to review the new salon too.

A little run down about VIP Pets

VIP Pets are the newest most fashionable pets on the scene. You can style and create amazing hair styles with your VIP Pet. They have repunzle style hair that you can style and play with how ever you wish! There are hours of fun with these gorgeous and glamorous pets. All together there are 12 individual pets to collect. We had so much fun when we reviewed VIP Pets the first time and Cleo still plays with them alot. VIP Pets are from the Youtube channel, Kitoons so your child can play along while watching on the Youtube channel.

VIP Pets Fabio & Fabia’s Hair Salon

In the series, Fabio & Fabia’s hair salon is one the most loved places. It is now a playset where you can glam up your VIP Pet. You can style your VIP pets in the salon with all the accessories that you get with the set. You also get an exclusive Kiara pet that you won’t get anywhere else!

The hair salon has so many features, you can wash your pets hair with real water, there is a styling chair where you can comb her hair and use the 13 accessories that you get in the set to style up your VIP Pet. Our favourite part of the hair salon is the glitterizer. We would love a human sized glitterizer in our lives!

The glitterizer is the final touch to your pets visit to the salon. You place your pet in the glitterizer and spin the top. Then your pet will be glittery and absouklety glamorous!

What the girls thought

Just like the stand along VIP Pets, the girls loved the hair salon. I think like most children, they love role play and dress up and the VIP Pets hair salon has elements of those things. It encourages their imagination and creativity which is what I love in this playset. They can watch the YouTube channel and then use what they have watched to have imaginative play with the set.

It also allows me to have a practise at hair styles that the girls might want. So it is a win win for the whole family!

You can purchase the playset from all good toy retailers such as Smyths Toys and is priced at £34.99.

You can watch the Kitoons Youtube channel here.

Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted this set in exchange for a blog post

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