CarGoSeat Review

We are getting ready to travel and travelling with 3 children can be tough. I face it head on with organisation!

Elsa is now 6 and she is so tall for her age! It is getting to the point where we will be thinking about different car seats. At the moment, she has a high backed car seat in our car all the time but there are times where other people need a seat for her. That is where CarGoSeat comes in. The CarGoSeat is a booster seat and suitcase.

It is ideal for flights, holidays, sleepovers, days out, family, eating out, delays and queues and it takes away the worry of hiring or borrowing a booster seat.

Elsa is quite tall enough to use it as a car seat just yet. It won’t be long though as she is so tall. We will be using the CarGoSeat for other things though. It is going to be great for eating out and if we ever go anywhere busy and the kids need somewhere comfy to sit.

The seat comes with a safety booklet and flip up handle so your child can pull it along.

The car seat is suitable for children that are over 125cm and that weight between 22kg and 36kg.

The CarGoSeat is completely safety tested and complies with EU and UK crash test requirements. It features a easy to use seatbelt guide too. The seat fits with any 3 point seatbelt.

It really appeals to me that the seat can be taken anywhere and is completely safe. It is reasurring that the seat has been tested in so many ways. The seat can fit so much in it too.

Elsa loves the suitcase feature of the CarGoSeat. It is great for all her toys that she wants to take with her for the day. It is ideal for snacks too! It is a 10 litre storage compartment so can fit so much. It is easy to clean and the lock makes all the belongs inside safe.

The CarGoSeat comes in 4 different colours and a 12 month warranty. It has received so many awards and we can see why!

It is practical and easy to use. Elsa loves the different places that she can plan on taking it, it is going to be amazing on new family adventures that we are planning on having very soon!

The CarGoSeat is priced at £49.99 and is available from the CarGoSeat website.

Disclaimer- we were kindly gifted this in exchange for a blog post review

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